Homage to Penge

Tamara Nachname, a Penge resident for six years and maker of the colourful knitted ‘garment’ for a tree in St John’s Road, created a cinematic homage to Penge before she went to live in Switzerland. Tamara describes Penge as ‘a pretty cool place with some rough edges but lovely people, fantastic pubs, interesting heritage and beautiful parks.’ Anything more unlike mountainous and lake-filled Switzerland, the editor can’t imagine. As Tamara says, ‘Penge is a bit like Marmite.’ And a lot of us seem to like it.

http://mmsaccounting.ca/Privacy Policy/ The film is a rich, evocative, touching, poetic visual love-letter to Penge and also a striking celebration of Penge heritage aspects. Permission has been granted to include it here. Enjoy.