Ceramic Wall Plaques

Blue Ceramic Wall Plaques

Owing to Penge’s rich history, there are more than twenty distinguished people or places deserving ceramic blue plaques in Penge. Such plaques are fixed to the walls of houses, usually under the gable or by the door. English Heritage is the more famous example but many towns have their own versions, not always blue. There are at present three blue plaques in Penge, all in Thornsett Road: commemorating Thomas Crapper, Walter de la Mare and George Daniels.

Fundraising activities are planned for more Penge Heritage Trail blue ceramic plaques. The first of these is planned for the Old Police Station, to be funded by Bromley Council. The second is planned for Hollywood film star Lionel Atwill in Lennard Road; a second is planned for award-winning journalist Monica Furlong in Station Road. Other possibilities are for composer Arthur Carnall in Avington Grove, Mrs Beeton (of household management fame) at Anerley Station, and various blue plaques on Grade 2 listed buildings.

Installing a blue plaque is not straightforward. Permission has to be sought from the house owners, legal niceties have to be negotiated and money has to be raised. This will all take time.

Fund-raising activities will ensure that design, manufacturing and installing cost will be adequately covered. Ideally we’d like to install one blue ceramic plaque per year. These will point up the history and heritage aspects of Penge and make it a more interesting place to live.