Blue Window Plaques

These blue plastic plaques will be fixed to shop windows in Penge, very like the window plaques in shops at Crystal Palace and Clockhouse. Here is a prototype blue window plaque designed by Dom Richards:

Unlike the Crystal Palace plaques these plaques will be more selective, indicating previous well-known buildings such as the Empire Theatre, the Odeon and Kingshall Cinemas, legendary Department Stores such as Rogers, Duponts or Bryce Grant, but like those at Crystal Palace there will be plaques commemorating the original owners and businesses which once were there.

For example, we understand that Cullens, the ‘family’ grocer, was on the site of Twang guitars for about sixty years. We’d also like to commemorate former businesses in Maple Road e.g. the much-missed slightly-Dickensian Maple Textile Shop. It’s not going to be easy in some cases and it will all take time.  A particular difficulty is finding the exact beginning and end dates of individual shop/businesses. If you have any information about past businesses and their owners, do let us know.

At present a team of seven comprising of Kate Boyle, Pete Evans, Helen Hughes, Glenn Lawrence, Paul Mawdesley, Chris O’Shaughnessy, and Vanessa Williamson is undertaking careful research into costings, design, past history and display possibilities before samples can be created and shown to interested shop owners.

The Penge Heritage Trail working party will steer this project through within a timescale of nine months. Dom Richards is designer for all the Penge Heritage Trail plaques: those for pavement, wall and window.  Satnaam Khera is our website designer.

When the project is complete, this page will give a full list, with illustrations and photos, of all the shop window plaques and where they are to be found. More than twenty shops/businesses have signed up for the project so far.

We are grateful to Stephen Oxford of the Norwood Society for his advice.

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