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Vintage Photographs: Ian M. Muir

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Video Interviews:   SE20 Art Group; Robert Cooper; Mary Gordon-Smith; Walter Hayn; Chris Mc Shane; Ellinor Michel; Marilyn Nicholson; Neil Pettigrew; Guy Retallack;  Heather Elizabeth Taylor; Rachel Tucker; Hazel Waters.

General Acknowledgments:  Helena Anderson; Lucy Barlow; Kathy Bance; Ian Barrington; Bromley Historic Collections; Jonathan Burns; Conway Castle-Knight; Chris Doran; Penge ForumSE20 Art Group; David Johnson; Ellinor Michel; Ian M. Muir; Rachel Nagle; Pam Owen; Mark Painter; Penge Partners; Neil Pettigrew; Alan Pottinger; Nick Read; Guy Retallack; Paul Robinson; Mark Soole; Martin Spence; Bridge House Theatre; Gill Wing; Hazel Waters.

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